The EFISM displays on the new style OLED screen providing much improved viewing angles and brightness.  The monitor provides the user with a variety of information via user selected display screens.

Fuel Factors (0-99 US Gallons) :

  • Fuel Flow Rate (0 - 99 GPH)
  • Fuel Used 
  • Fuel Remaining
  • Time Remaining
  • Air/Fuel Ratio Indicator

 Alarms(0-99 US Gallons) :

  • Capacity Alarm (Fuel Capacity exceeded) 
  • Periodic Alarm (Switch Tanks)
  • Low Fuel (Fuel Exhaustion Near)
  • Periodic and Low Fuel Alarm User Set
  • Flashing LED and Display 

 Features :

  • Semi-Automatic Fuel Calibration 
  • O2 Sensor Input Adjustment 
  • Ec2 Monitor 
  • Lapse Time/Cumulative Fuel Used