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We decided to form a small business in summer of 2007 to sell electronic devices designed for experimental aircraft.  I have been flying my Rotary powered RV-6A since 1997 and found the need for an Fuel System Monitor to fully understand and control the performance of the engine.  I first developed an analog system that proved successful but was severly limited in capability and  flexibility.  This led me to develop the digital EFIS system which has proved much more adaptable and flexible.  I decided to use the latest in small displays the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED), this display uses a totally different principle than the traditional Light Crystal Displays (LCD) which gives it a much higher contrast screen as well as a much wider viewing angle.

The second product we plan to offer is an Angle of Attack indicator early in 2010 which is currently in the workbench testing stage.  Other products are in the planning stage.